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Wellspring Whey-o-Life Protein Powder is all natural and pure and completely free of any preservatives. This is a Perfect Protein Choice for supplementation and contains 70% highest quality whey protein that is fortified with anti-oxidants like Beta carotene, Vitamin E & Vitamin C.
Protein is made up of chains of amino acids, some of which our bodies cannot manufacture. Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscles. Protein is also needed to make red blood cells, produce hormones, boost your immune system, and help keep hair, fingernails, and skin healthy.

Benefit of use:
• Each 10g of powder contains 7g of highest quality protein extracted from more than 1 Ltr of Milk, providing quickest possible absorption of protein in the human body.
• Provides essential amino acids & BCCAs, Beta-carotene & other anti-oxidants
• Ideal for children, sports persons, elderly people & weight watchers
• Concentrated pure whey proteins
• Contains calcium & vital nutrients
• Prevents wrinkles, sunburn and sun spots
• Suitable for patients recovering from surgery

How to use:
Take one serving (20 grams of protein) mixed with 8 ounces or more of water, preferred like liquid drink. or as suggested by Physician.

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