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Each capsules of Prim E 1000 contains :
Evening Primrose Oil : 1000 mg
Providing Linoleic Acid (LA) : 700 mg
Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) : 100 mg
Natural Vitamin E : 15 mg

Packing Size: 10 Capsules per Strip
Dose : As Directed by Health Practitioner



Prim E 1000 provides 100 mg GLA per capsule. GLA offers help in diabetes by retarding the progression of diabetic neuropathy, potentiates the effort of insulin and increases the feeling of well being. Prim E also can be positioned as a supplement for premenstrual syndromes like breast pain, irritability and stomach aches. In additional, Evening Primrose Oil in Prim E 1000 offers nourishment and moisturization for smooth and beautiful skin.


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