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Breasts are very important part of female’s personality; small breasts always reduce personality and figure. BT-36, is the best natural formation of herbs for enlargement in Breast size and shape. BT-36 is a popular brand for breast enlargement. It is made up of 100% herbal ingredients and is completely safe for regular use at any age.
Direction of Use:
• Clean the breast surface or after a bath, take some cream in your hands and spread on both hands.
• Then apply this cream on breasts with circular massage.
• Massage should be in both directions clockwise and anti-clockwise.
• Keep massaging till all cream is absorbed in the skin.
• Massage with gentle force and squeeze the breast tissue
• Regular massage of almost five to ten minutes is enough for good results
• Repeat the procedure twice a day
Side effects
BT-36 is fully safe and there is no any side effect. It can be used even during pregnancy and periods safely.

Precaution: Read the product label carefully before use



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