Effective Parenting & Child Safety

One Day Seminar conducted on Effective parenting & Child Safety on Feb 02, 2019 at Balkhu organized by Siksha Kids, Vertex Co-education, Maa Kids and Supported by ATM Pharmacy –Online Pharmacy, Rio Fruit Drink.

Child safety, area concerned with limiting children’s exposure to hazards and reducing children’s risk of harm. Children are particularly vulnerable to accidents, and their safety requires different approaches from those for adults. Child safety requires a multifaceted approach, which includes educating adults and children about risks, designing safe environments, conducting research, and advocating for effective. Education is one of the main pathways to improving child safety and requires the involvement of parents, caregivers, children, and other target groups in order to increase knowledge and change attitudes and behavior.

More then 60+ Parents of different school are participating for the program. Program is conducted from 11AM to 2PM. During the session parents are sharing her ideas how to ready to prevent from different circumstances and learn how to tackle the child safety.

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